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Cliniva Healthcare Revenue Services LLC provides comprehensive revenue cycle management to healthcare providers using AdvancedMD medical billing software and EMR.

We ensure that your practice is able to get the most from AdvancedMD billing software. Our medical billing and coding experts integrate professional billing services with AdvancedMD billing services to significantly increase claims payments for your practice.

AdvancedMD Medical Billing Solutions for Independent Practices

At Cliniva Healthcare, we are well versed in AdvancedMD billing software, which can help independent practices overcome challenges associated with maintaining efficient and effective revenue cycle management.

AdvancedMD’s schedule feature allows practices to verify patient information before they come in for appointments, decreasing the workload for office staff. This feature, in addition to hiring professional billing and medical coding experts, will further increase the efficiency of your practice while increasing the amount of claims payments.

It is easy for billing tasks to fall behind or to be insufficiently completed when the workload is high. Outsourcing medical billing decreases labor costs and eliminates the need to allocate resources towards in-house billing staff, streamlining the in-office experience for patients in addition to administrative tasks for office staff.

Let Us Help You Maximize Payments Using AdvancedMD Billing Software

We are healthcare revenue cycle management experts devoted to maximizing returns for your practice in a transparent and HIPAA-compliant manner.

By hiring a professional medical billing firm, you no longer need to account for operational costs associated with in-house billing tasks, such as hiring additional staff members, paying employee taxes in addition to benefits, and utilizing extra office space.

Are you ready to increase your overall revenue by contracting medical billing and coding professionals? Contact us today at 915-219-4300 or info@clinivallc.comto learn more about how our medical billing experts can maximize your revenue using AdvancedMD Practice Management Software and EHR.

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