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Achieving Financial Success by Continuing to Use Your Current Billing and EMR Software


Cliniva Healthcare Revenue Services can bring many advantages to your medical practice. One example being that we are well versed in billing with the majority of the billing and practice management software programs in the industry.

By allowing you to continue to run your current software program we can bring many efficiencies to both your practice and the billing service. Everyone is working towards the common goal of making your practice successful, and both your team and our team can work together within your software program to make that goal a reality.

Continuing to use your current billing software program also allows you the comfort and security of having everything under your control. Patient balances can easily be collected over the counter with real time accurate patient balances. Patient procedures and charges are seamlessly communicated directly from your EMR and Practice Management Software to Cliniva Healthcare.

Below is a partial list of some of the main billing and EMR software programs we work with.

Billing and EMR Software Programs

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