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Cliniva Healthcare Revenue Services provides comprehensive revenue cycle management to healthcare providers using Kareo billing software, the number one software for integrated EHR, practice management, and revenue cycle management services.


Kareo Medical Billing

Our billing experts ensure you get the most out of Kareo medical billing software. We integrate our services with the full spectrum of features that Kareo offers, guaranteeing maximized payments for your practice.

Let us manage your revenue cycle directly through Kareo software and drastically decrease your operational costs. We are proficient with Kareo’s coding tools and billing analytics, allowing us to offer efficient and transparent billing services to providers using this EHR/EMR software.

Kareo Billing Software for Practices, Hospitals, and Clinics

The usability of Kareo billing services is well-known. However, medical billing professionals ensure that your practice is able to maximize each feature of this EMR software.

Our medical billing specialists offer medical billing and medical coding support for healthcare providers using Kareo in order to improve revenue cycle management of practices, hospitals, and clinics. As a result, your workflow will drastically improve.

We pride ourselves in providing quick, efficient and accurate billing services for healthcare providers with the ability to process claims within 12 hours.

Cliniva Healthcare guarantees HIPAA compliance. We implement various security measures that ensure your data and operational processes are fully compliant with privacy and security guidelines outlined by HIPAA.

Let Us Help You Get the Most Out of Kareo Billing Services

Our medical billing experts are Kareo specialists. Let us reduce your operational costs and drive up revenue for your practice. Contact us today at 915-219-4300 or to learn more about how our medical billing experts can maximize your revenue using Kareo's Practice Management Software and EHR.

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