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Medical Billing and Coding Services

Medical Billing & Collection Services

Cliniva Healthcare provides a professional, expert medical billing, collection and administrative services for medical practitioners. Whether you require a complete turnkey billing service from start to finish or just need temporary staffing, our experienced medical billing and collection team is sure to impress you.  Not all billing services are suited for all customers. We would like to assist you in any way possible, so our first step is always to determine what type of services you need and what is important to you. Then we can decide what solutions are best for you. Listed below are some of the services and processes we offer.

Accounts Receivables Collections and Consulting

Medical providers usually have large sums tied up in ageing

accounts receivable and unacceptably high write-offs; with

insurance compensations far below what is expected – and

deserved. We provide expert consulting and/or services for

medical Accounts Receivables. We can work your aging reports

to collect monies owed to you or just analyze your receivables

issues and recommend processes to dramatic ally increase


Medical Billing Consulting Services

We offer a wide array of consulting services to meet each practices needs. We routinely advise clients on how to efficiently integrate software solutions into the billing environment and ensure that best practices are followed.

We also offer:

  • Electronic Billing Setup

  • Data Entry Services, including patient and charge input

  • Physicain Credentialing

  • Fee Schedule Analysis

  • Practice Analysis

  • Insurance and patient collections

  • CPT Coding and Reimbursement Analysis

Medical Coding & Claim Reimbursement

Medical coding is a fundamental aspect of maximizing claim reimbursement. The proper knowledge of medical coding and reimbursement methodologies enables providers to receive the correct and maximum reimbursements available. We assign the correct ICD-10, CPT, and/or HCPCS codes derived from the medical records and reports from your practice. 


Medical Coding Audits

We analyze your medical records and previous coding to ensure that your documentation supports submitted codes in case of audits.

HIPAA Compliance and Consulting

Healthcare data security is not only critically important it is the law. Cliniva Healthcare has implemented numerous security measures to help ensure that your data and processes are absolutely secure, and in full compliance with all HIPAA guidelines on security and privacy.

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